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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Photo by Lance Asper on Upsplash

What if a house breathed in the light

Of the sun at day and the moon at night?

What if you could contemplate the stars,

as you slip beneath your sheets into sleep?

What if a house felt like a nest in the trees?

Sturdy as a trunk, just as light as leaves?

What if it whispered with the wind?

And made you ride upon the air?

What if a house were like a boat,

With a cabin and a deck,

Only what’s required

To sail sturdily upon the land?

What if a house rose up high above

To better view a promised land below?

With a river of renewal ran through it,

and light beckoned on the horizon ahead?

What if a house made the earth glad,

As if it were another living being,

Rooted on the land as if it were a tree,

under which myriad creatures roam free?

What if that glad earth just beneath could nourish,

with carrots, beetroots, and vitalizing juices,

with forgotten fruits and greens that flourish

through all your seasons of mists and mellow bliss.

What if a house could heal you,

And offer a new look on life:

Gratitude in the morning

And peacefulness at night?

For a house to be all these things,

Would it be lavish and grandiose?

Or graceful like a swallow in flight,

like a poppy in the morning light?

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