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Stay (well) in Cantobria


Words and pictures cannot convey the brightness of the stars and the clearness of the rivers.

Cantobria calls to you for a visit...and perhaps you will want to stay for quite a while.

This is not some call to visit another tourist attraction. It is a call to preserve and regenerate the earth, starting with one place.

Come for a discovery visit. Leave with a greater vision.

See below our accommodation options for stays of several days to several months, with space enough to host from 2 to 20 guests. 

Renting all available cottages at the same time will allow you to accommodate 12 persons. There is also camping in tents available on the property
, with access to a toilet. See how to find us here.

Be sure to sign-up for our mailing list to be informed of the first availabilities in 2024. 


"The old alder"
Family house

Capacity : 8 persons max

- Four double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms/WC

- Two living rooms, dining room, and kitchen

- South-facing deck with open view



"The truffle"
A vaulted cottage

Capacity : 4 persons max

One large vaulted room with living and sleeping space for two, a kitchenette, and bathroom/WC.


"The little Birch"
for two

Complete renovation planned for 2026.

Capacity : 4 persons max

- Living room with bedroom mezzanine,
- Bathroom/WC
- Kitchenette 


Blog post 1.jpg

The Light house

Capacity : 4 persons max

The Light House  will be an off-the-grid ecolodge with about 35m2 of indoor floor space and 20m2 of extended outdoor living space.

Planned for 2025.

Visit Cantobria
The Little Birch
The Light House
"Weighted with self-importance, we humans feel the need to leave our mark on an Earth that was perfect before we showed up.

May our mark serve only to embellish."

A Place for collective learning and development

At the confluence of two rivers, under the auspices of a mighty rock cliff, CANTOBRIA is a natural place of meeting and an energizing setting for group learning.   

Combining the domain, the village, and the nearby town, there is sufficient accommodation capacity for groups of up to fifty. The on-site capacity is better adapted for groups of ten to twenty persons, and this is an ideal configuration for group retreats, classes, or seminars that take advantage of Cantobria's unique natural surroundings.

If your vocation is to teach any of the below (or related), consider CANTOBRIA as a setting for your programs. Some teaching can take place outdoors. For indoor sessions, a large tent or yurt will be installed according to your needs.

CANTOBRIA aspires to foster change at the convergence of four interelated themes:


Regeneration of soil and water, sustainable agriculture, forest gardens, resilience, no-waste, preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.



Designing, building, or renovating homes inspired by the elegance and simplicity of nature; deliberate use of space, light, materials, and objects; Japanese design principles, frugality, quality & durability, feng shui, and magnetism. 


Practices that improve or restore health and wellbeing: diet, nutrition, physical regeneration, reflexology, massage, nature therapies, intermittent fasting, plant-based medicine, and alternative healing practices.

Outdoor physical activities: climbing, hiking, trail running, cold water exposure.

Human potential

Elevation and expansion of human consciousness. Yoga, meditative and energetic practices, shamanism, martial arts.

Collective intelligence, personal development, non-violent communication, restoration of the feminine dimension, systems thinking, wisdom teachings.

Artistic expression (music, dance, beaux arts, theatre, poetry)

All forms of craft and low-tech cleverness.


"In a world that is withering, we must ourselves become the wellspring."
Travel Options


Is it possible to have wilderness at our feet, but also the proximity of town commodities?

Cantobre strikes a good balance : 

  • 6 km from Nant, with all basic commodities

  • 38 km from Millau, the nearest small city.

  • 96 km from Montpellier - 1h20 by car


  • 5 hours from Paris (3 1/2 hours by TGV to Montpellier + 1h20 by car)


Travel options


1/ TGV Paris - Montpellier (3:30')

Rent car in Montpellier and drive to Cantobre (1:20') OR take bus from Montpellier to La Cavalerie (2h), then taxi or guest pickup arrangement to Cantobre.

2/ Fly to Toulouse (1 hr from Paris)

Rent car and drive to Cantobre (2:50')

3/ Drive directly:

- from Marseille or Toulouse (3h)

- from Barcelona (4h)

- from Lyon (4:30')

- from Paris (6h)

If you arrive without a car in La Cavalerie or Nant, there will be guest pick-up options.

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