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Support Cantobria

Your most significant role in changing our world is right where you are, but perhaps my cause will resonate with you. Like many other local initiatives, Cantobria is but a microcosm for change. We can never measure--and therefore never overestimate--the effect of the micro on the macro. 

The aim of Cantobria is ecological restoration, focusing on soil and water. Only through the restoration of these two vital and interdependent resources will we resolve other environmental challenges such as biodiversity, climate change, food production, and health.

I believe the most significant and replicable projects toward this aim are :

1/ a forest garden that restores local habitat while providing quality food.

2/ a home that minimizes environmental impact (Light House)

I call upon your support to make these projects a reality, whether it be through your knowledge, experience, connections, volunteer work, or funding. If you come only to plant a single tree, that endeavor alone will leave a beautiful heritage. 

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In whatever way you decide to support Cantobria, you will be invited to taste of its fruits

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