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the Light House

Cantobria is an experiment with sustainable habitat and habitation.


The "Light House" is intended as a finely-crafted habitation for maximal use of light and the lightest possible impact on its environment. 

As small as 35m2, it makes a big deal of light and lightness. Leaving more space for nature is the most ecological of all building principles, and the luxury of less is a much-needed art.

The first Light House in Cantobria should be built by 2025, pending approval from local authorities who do their best to preserve nature and architectural homogeneity. It should also meet, as much as possible, the criteria set out by the Living Building Challenge.

You can visit this blog entry as well as this Pinterest board to get a sense of inspiration sources, but ultimately the architecture must be entirely adapted to its local setting. 

Light House intro
"Nature is by every standard superior in its use of light and its optimal lightness of form."  
The Light House Book 
Light House - Book Cover - v3.jpg

The time has come to radically rethink our most immediate and intimate surroundings: our habitat and our habitation.

"The Light House" champions a biophilic, passive house that makes optimal use of light and treads lightly on the land.

It further suggests an art de vivre that we can joyfully embrace without compromising the well-being of future generations. Lightheartedly, in a style that is sometimes poetic and other times pragmatic, it incites you to inhabit the change you want to see in the world.

Scheduled for completion in 2024. 

Citations featured on this website are taken from the book. Excerpts are also offered in the section below.

Book cover concept by Kondrad Wojcik.

Book Cover
Book excerpts
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