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Ode to a House that is Not

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Written as a single word, we can define a lighthouse as a tower containing a beacon of light to guide ships. Written as two words, our imagination is the only limit. Mine is a house inspired by the radiance and lightness of light.


Because these will have a significant impact on our individual and collective well-being.

Such a home would not need to be large, nor elaborate, nor ostensible. It would have only to let in the light of the sun, the moon, and the light-filled images of the natural world. Defined also by lightness, it would require less rather than more. It would be like a membrane, separating you from nature only as much as necessary for you to function. It would have nothing to add to nature, because nature is complete. It would be as close as you can get to not being at all, and in so doing would be all the more beautiful.

"It would have nothing to add to nature, because nature is complete."

As an architectural concept, this would translate into a structure that we can refer to as living, or biophilic. Nature is by every standard superior in its use of light and its optimization of mass. The ideal house would function like a tree, perfectly in tune with its environment.

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