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Let us leap

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

New Year's wishes from Cantobria

To see what is possible

in a new year,

even when the worst

seems so near,

appears as a great leap.

Look beyond.

Look within.

Is this really the end?

or is it where we begin?

Let us leap into this new year,

in faith without fear.

Knowing that a more beautiful world

is ever possible and ever near.


Entrevoir ce qu'une seule année

permettrait d'accomplir,

alors que ne semble s'annoncer

que le pire.

Se confronter au vertige

devant l'inconnu.

Regarde au-delà.

Regarde au-dedans.

Serait-ce vraiment la fin ?

Ou le saut d'un début ?

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