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The Cantobria Way

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

A Mini Manifesto.

In this world so rife with conflict and existential threats, have you ever wondered what you could do that would actually make a difference?

That wondering is like a seed, and there comes a time when that seed must sprout.

My own wondering matured into a manifesto for action that I can summarize in three principles:

1/ One-world awareness

Awareness that each of us is entirely interdependent and intertwined with everyone and everything. Even though we are autonomous and distinct on one level, we are not a separate "thing" any more than a cell in a body or a water molecule in the sea. Some may call this ecological consciousness.

2/ Power to manifest

All visible and tangible change outside of us begins with changes in our own thoughts and feelings. Whatever we create within our minds will ultimately manifest in some form. Likewise, the emotion serving as an impetus for our action determines the power of that action. All that we do out of fear is inherently crippled. Whatever proceeds from love or joy is also imbued with the greatest potential.

We cannot somehow run away from our creator role; we can only choose to be deliberate in our creating, and deliberate in our choice to create what is beautiful. We are sovereign within our own kingdom.

3/ Every choice counts

What may seem to be small-scale always has large-sale potential. Not only is there a ripple effect for every action, but there is also a more subtle phenomenon of non-linear phase change at play. This means that one additional person doing the right thing, or one additional right action does not always have a "plus one more" effect. Ice remains ice until a point when the slightest additional heat transforms it into a liquid state. Consequently, even when we seem to be on a collective trajectory for destruction, the worst is never certain.

I believe that a more beautiful world is within sight, flickering ever so faintly like a mirage. The manifestation of that new world starts at your doorstep, as at mine.

This is why I am creating Cantobria, as if it were a new country where a new administration and new laws will apply that uphold life. New laws, but few laws. With the development of an ecological consciousness, right actions become the norm. Four areas of action will characterize Cantobria:

1. Our Habitat. Let's reverse the impending environmental and climate catastrophe by regenerating the soil and restoring biodiversity.

2. Our Home. Inspired by the elegance and simplicity of nature, we make our homes and live our daily routines with respect for the environment. To fit with the idea of living lightly, I've called this a Light House.

3. Our Health. The optimal functioning of our supremely sophisticated bodies is the foundation for well-being and effectiveness in action. It requires some care and maintenance.

4. Our Human Potential. Whatever it is we wish to feel within us before we die, it will not come from power possessions or technological progress. We need a place to cultivate the art of being human

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