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The Cantobria Songbird

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Like a natural blessing for a better ending, there is a special energy in every new beginning.

Every morning is also a new beginning.

The sun always rises, steadfast. The songbirds never miss a beat.

And you and I also, awaken from our nightly slumber. During this hiatus of consciousness, we are as dead, and to once again witness our consciousness arising is a daily miracle. This whole life process just keeps on working, whether we are aware or not. But how much more rewarding is that awareness!

Who knows what a songbird feels, but to us its song feels joyful. The birdsong is a rejoicing, and reminds us that every morning is sufficient reason for such rejoicing. The songbird gives no thought to its lyrical bliss, but more importantly, the feeling that arises with us upon hearing it also requires no thought. It is problem-making and problem-solving minds that obstruct spontaneous joy.

In the land of Cantobria, it is my wish that all may access joy with the simplicity of birdsong. This is why I gave the name "Cantobria Songbird" to what otherwise would be referred to as a blog. It is a forum for writing about the things that matter in Cantobria, whether it be good news about work in progress or ideas about creating a better future.

Birdsong too, will matter. When the forest garden becomes a reality, it will attract many birds and bees, and with them abundance and renewal will return to a withering world.

Like a songbird, you have to go out on your branch and utter your truth. None other can do it for you.

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